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White Papers: In Depth Research

  • Rotary Tank Cleaning and Cost Savings

    Author: Gamajet

    Specific case studies on the benefits of rotary impingement and CIP optimization vs. the standard tank cleaning processes. Benefits include: increased revenue and production with drastic reductions of operating costs pertaining to tank cleaning.

  • Cartridge Filtration in the Production of Pharma Grade Water

    Cartridge filtration can be a reliable, efficient means of producing bulk pharmaceutical grade water. This detailed paper from 3M illustrates its effective use for some of the most critical applications: the removal of particulates that might contaminate w

  • Six Key Predictors of Outsourcing Success In A Maturing RE & FM Outsourcing Market

    Author: UMS Advisory, Inc.

    In this white paper, Nicole Ballard and Rakesh Kishan of UMS Advisory, Inc., provide an overview of the RE & FM Outsourcing Market and address main waves of market maturity. In particular, they examine significant outsourcing deals.

  • Environmental Monitoring and Certification in Controlled Environments

    Author: Microtest Laboratories

    Environmental testing and monitoring programs are essential elements in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. Companies must understand industrial sterilization and contamination control procedures to bring products to market on time and on budg