Freakonomics Meets the Drug Supply Chain

Counterfeiting, says Johnson & Johnson’s Ron Guido, is a form of flattery. “If you don’t have counterfeits in your business, chances are you don’t have a good brand,” said Guido, J&J’s VP for global brand protection, speaking at the ISPE annual meeting in Dallas last week.

Not Pfizer? All the More Reason to Think Big about Securing the Supply Chain

One could say that supply chain security is the most critical issue facing drug manufacturers today—and perhaps facing our healthcare system as well. The supply chain is at the heart of healthcare’s greatest problems—drug counterfeiting and adulteration, shortages of key medicines, and of course escalating medical costs.

Pillbox, NIH's Physician’s Desk Reference on Steroids

I spent the first part of this week in Toronto, Canada (light years away from the staid, dull town I remember visiting as a kid----with rush hours that easily rival New York’s.  I almost missed my flight home!) to attend USP’s annual science meeting.

Pfizer Public Service Message a Bit Unappetizing

We appreciate Pfizer's efforts to educate the public on the danger of shady websites peddling countefeit products--but, caution, this one is not for the weak of stomach. Thanks to Drug Channels' Adam Fein for spotting this rat.

"Heparin Was an Industry Wake-Up Call": A Star Turn by CDER's Janet Woodcock

Janet Woodcock, head of FDA’s CDER, strikes me as the type of person you’d want in charge during a crisis.  And that’s exactly where FDA, and CDER, have found themselves this year, so I’m not surprised that Dr. W.

California’s e-Pedigree Law: Only 2,312 Days to Go?

The prospect of California's e-pedigree and drug serialization legislation being pushed back to 2015 (from 2009, then 2011) has the industry breathing a sigh of relief, or is it a sigh of frustration? Drug Channel's Adam Fein, back from his self-imposed blog-cation, weighs in.

Anticounterfeiting from the Printer’s Perspective

An fyi: Steve Simske of Hewlett-Packard offers a nice, unbiased (though HP-oriented) perspective on current anticounterfeiting measures from his Security Printing and Imaging blog. Definitely worth a view. Today he reminds us of the potential benefits of using stable isotopes as a way of authenticating processes by which APIs and...

Pharmacies Ignoring Baxter’s Recall Face Penalties

The California Board of Pharmacy has shown that it is willing to get tough with pharmacies that may have exacerbated the impact of the heparin crisis. It has fined nearly 100 hospital pharmacies who did not properly adhere to Baxter's heparin recall earlier this year.

Like a Broken Record: California Delays Pedigree Legislation

The California state assembly has passed SB 1307, a measure that sponsor Sen. Mark-Ridley Thomas says is designed to ensure patient safety, but will in actuality yet again push back the proposed compliance date for drug manufacturers and distributors to meet electronic pedigree requirements to 2015--rather than the 2011 (and...

Is Synthetic Heparin the Solution?

At the American Chemical Society national conference last weekend, Rensselaer Polytechnic researcher Dr. Robert Linhart announced that his team may have built the first fully synthetic heparin. Whether or not you believe that the possibility of another contamination crisis of natural raw heparin exists, the potential for a heparin supply...