New Gig for Novartis Alumnus: Rap

Biswant Korrapati, CEO of Move Records which presents rapper Mekka Don (a trained lawyer), apparently used to work at Novartis. 

Dangerous Documents101: When a Shredder Isn't Enough, There's a Preventive Course

Computer documents have been the downfall of many a company---think Enron.  And things as basic as date and author stamps and wording became very important in Merck's Vioxx case.

July’s Top 10: Best of Our Blog

In case you missed 'em, here are some of the top posts from On Pharma in July: Pharma's (Phunny) YouTube Raps Dingell, Grassley Have Plans for FDA Wyeth Gets Star Treatment A Tobacco Road to Vaccines? A Novel About . . .

Pfizer to Close Cork Plant

one of its plants in Cork, Ireland. The company had purchased the plant from Pharmacia in 2005.

No Place Like U.S. for Manufacturers?

If it hasn’t quite sunk in how much the struggling economy in the U.S. is changing the mindset of industry, heed the words of Dr Heinrich Hiesinger, CEO of Siemens’ Industry Sector. His firm, at least at present, views the U.S.

BIO 2008: Manufacturing and Op Ex

Once again, had to miss the best part of this presentation, but did hear Robert Bottone of Genentech discuss the problem that some managers in biopharm and pharma have with Operational Excellence. Many of them still expect “silver bullet’ solutions.

BIO 2008: Doing Well by Doing Good: Can Venture Capital Improve Drug Accessibility?

On Tuesday afternoon, a panel discussed ways in which corporations might be able to stimulate the development of more therapies for serious diseases----the world’s top killers such as malaria. The topic is one that I’m very interested, but, unfortunately, I arrived late and missed much of the discussion.

Notes from BIO 2008 - Oh, For a Segway in San Diego

OK, this is not coming at the speed of the Internet. Not even close, as BIO 2008 winds down today. But blame an interesting program spread out on a grand scale. Roller skates or a Segway were a must for anyone attempting to navigate BIO 2008 at the San Diego...

Paralyzed by Profits

That's how Control magazine's executive editor Jim Montague described the pharmaceutical industry in a recent and very memorable op-ed (read it here), in which he interviews experts including E-55 insider Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones. Jim brings to the the "so what" detachment of one who has covered PAT and process control as it has...

Michele on Chicago News!

Digital editor Michele Vaccarello was far too modest to post this herself, but she's getting her Master's degree in digital media/ journalism, and she and her classmates recently spent some time with one of Chicago's top nightly news anchor teams.  Way to go, Michele.   You'll be seeing her in more...