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  • What’s Your RF IQ?

    Think you’re in the know about RFID? Let’s see. Take our quiz, provided by the Computing Technology Industry Association.

  • Pharma’s Mixed-Up RFID Future

    Both HF and UHF are here to stay at the item level. ABI Research’s Sara Shah explains what it means, and provides an exclusive excerpt from her most recent report on RFID in the drug industry.

    Paul Thomas, Managing Editor
  • What is Advanced Aseptic Processing?

    Only technologies that eliminate direct contact with operators should be considered “advanced” if the term is not to degenerate into a commercial catch phrase.

    James Agalloco, James Akers and Russell Madsen
  • Rapid Microbiological Methods for a New Generation

    These are exciting times, as 19th-century microbiological methods make way for rapid detection, quantification and characterization technologies.

    Michael J. Miller, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, Eli Lilly and Co.
  • The Future of Barrier Packaging

    The need for increased barrier properties and a “right first time” approach to packaging is driving new technologies and an open, scientific approach to design and implementation.

    Peter Schmitt, Founder and Managing Associate, Montesino Associates, LLC
  • Steering Pharmaceutical Manufacturing into the 21st Century

    CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing and Control) policy makers at FDA are dedicated to the goals spelled out in the 21st Century Initiative, and are stepping up their efforts to move pharmaceutical regulation and compliance closer to the Desired State.

  • PAT in Perspective: Headcount and PAT—Fact and Fiction

    Attention, corporate bean counters: PAT is not a magic bullet for reducing QC headcounts. In fact, it may require hiring more people, but the efforts will pay off in improved efficiencies and lower costs.

    Emil W. Ciurczak, Chief Technical Officer, Cadrai Group
  • The Visual Pharmaceutical Workplace

    Imagine a highway system without signs and you’ll understand why so many drug manufacturing facilities fail to reach their potential. Visuality is key to achieving operational excellence.

    Gwendolyn Galsworth, President, Quality Methods International, Inc.
  • Visuality at J&J’s PSGA Manati

    Operations Excellence Leader and Master Black Belt Giselle Rodriguez describes how Visual methods are helping her site and its teams on their journey to operational excellence.

    Giselle Rodriguez, Operations Excellence Leader and Master Black Belt, J&amp;J PSGA, Manati, Puerto Rico
  • Building Your Career: One-A-Day Branding

    Work on your resume, write an article, start a blog, join an organization. Build your brand, one day at a time.

    JoAnn Hines,’s career expert
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