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  • Minimize Bisect Risk (Part 1)

    As “pill-cutting” becomes the dispensing norm, improperly designed or nonfunctional tablet bisects could pose liability issues

    Fred A. Rowley, Solid Dosage Training, Inc.
  • Nicholas Piramal's World View

    Dr. Swati Piramal has put one of India’s leading drug companies, and a family business, on a global stage

    Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief
  • The Art of Firing People

    In this excerpt (Chapter Three) from Peter Rost's book, "The Whistleblower – Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman," Dr. Rost describes training that he and other Pharmacia executives received on how to fire employees, following Pfizer's acquisition of the company.

    Peter Rost, M.D.
  • From the Editor: Only Connect!

    Quality by Design cuts across job functions and requires a vision of the “big picture.” This requires connecting data, concepts and people. Is your organization doing this?

  • What's In a Color? One Form of I.D.

    Pearlescent pigments, now approved by the FDA, may add another level of product differentiation, potentially protecting the consumer and establishing a stronger brand identity.

    Ed Silverman, Contributing Editor
  • The Light Has Come to Me, Track 1

    This opening track from a CD commissioned by the Piramals to accompany their book, The Light Has Come to Me, includes a narrative from the Bhagavad Gita, and music composed by Sharangg Pandit.

    Swati and Ajay Piramal
  • Washington Letter: FMEA as a Packaging Tool

    Failure Modes and Effects Analysis promises to become a more important risk assessment tool for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Could its use be required for labeling and packaging?

    Stephen Barlas, Washington Correspondent
  • Applying Lean Principles to Facilities and Workplace Design

    When it was published in 1996, the first edition of Facilities & Workplace Design: An Illustrated Guide enjoyed strong demand. However, the book went out of print when the publisher ceased operations. Now, Quarterman Lee, the book's primary author and president of Strategos, Inc., is producing a second edition; here he makes the first edition available for download.

    Quarterman Lee, President, Strategos, Inc.
  • Taking Pharma's Pulse: What's Your View of the Industry's Economic Outlook?

    How do you view your company's and the industry's economic health? Which areas were key investment focuses for 2006, and what do you think the future will hold? Please take a few minutes to share your views in our 2006 Capital Investment survey. All results will remain confidential and will never be shared with any other organization.

  • Pfizer's Warman and Pillai Lead AutomationXchange PAT Panel

    Pfizer's Jeff Miller, Martin Warman and Lou Pillai participated in a PAT Roundtable at AutomationXchange and hosted by Control magazine. Their mission, in large part, was to illuminate the differences between PAT and process analyzers.

  • Tales from the Front: Applying Fieldbus at Genzyme, Part 1

    Where orphan drug manufacturing is concerned, waste is the real enemy. Rather than choosing sides, Genzyme is using all competing Fieldbus protocols in a biopharma manufacturing suite whose products combat a very rare, often fatal disease.

    William T. Dolan, P.E., Genzyme Corp.
  • NeSSI and PAT Work Together in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    The Center for Process Analytical Chemistry's New Sampling/Sensor Initiative (NeSSI) aims to reduce the footprint of analyzer systems. Thus, it complements Process Analytical Technology, potentially increasing analyzer up-time and providing more process information.

    David M. Simko, Swagelok Co.
  • Therapeutic Dose: Avoiding the “Cool Hand Luke” Effect

    Isolation and too narrow a focus limits possibilities — for your career and life, your organization, and the industry. Sure, you may be doing your job right, but are you doing the right job?

    Emil W. Ciurczak, Cadrai Technology Group
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