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  • HP: Serializing the Tablet, Courting Big Pharma

    The world’s largest ink producer, Hewlett-Packard, is looking to put its stamp on pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. It’s assembled a team of partners for printing and serializing drug products, and now just needs a commitment from a major drug maker.

  • Tuning In to Taggants

    Holograms and some security inks may “thwart the high-school kid with a desktop photocopier,” but not experienced counterfeiters, says Brian Brogger, VP of the company that coined the term “taggant.”

  • Merck's Lean Mission

    Merck's Arecibo, Puerto Rico facility was the proving ground for a new corporate operational excellence strategy, which has already reduced plant cycle times by 50%.

  • Validating the Validators

    Puerto Rico’s Validation Academy and Certification Program bridges the gap between knowledge and experience.

    Magaly Vega, Professor, Puerto Rico Polytechnic University; José Correa, Taratec Development Corp.; and Ivan Lugo, Executive Director, INDUNIV Research Consortium
  • PAT in Perspective: Estimate PAT’s Real Costs

    Don’t be “penny-wise but pound-foolish” during early planning and budgeting stages, and never base decisions on equipment sticker prices without considering savings in time to market.

    Emil W. Ciurczak, Chief Technical Officer, Cadrai Group
  • Proactive Ergonomics

    Progressive programs at Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Biogen Idec are raising the bar for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    Barbara F. Taylor, CIH, Director of EHS, Biogen Idec, and Rachel Michael, M.Sc., AEP, Assistant Vice President, Marsh Risk Consulting
  • Peter Rost: Hero or Whiner? You Decide

    Former Pfizer executive Peter Rost has taken the moral high ground in the past, and brought welcome objectivity to the debate over drug importation. The talented executive could easily find a post in a public policy arena, so why is he suing his former employer — one he has criticized for years — for wrongful termination?

  • New Ideas Hatch in Process Development

    Don’t expect pilot plants to disappear as better tools and techniques enhance efforts.

    Mike Spear, editor at large,
  • RFID Standards and Drug Security in the Year Ahead

    Neither UHF nor HF is going to be a slam dunk for e-pedigrees. RFID development will be similar to that of bar coding. AIM Global's Bert Moore provides an update on standards and research into how radio frequency impacts drug product.

    Bert Moore, IDAT Consulting, AIM Global
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