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  • Transcript: Peter Rost Talks Turkey with Ed Silverman

    This article contains the full transcription of Ed Silverman's interview with Peter Rost (the briefer, edited interview is available for download as a Windows Media video).

    Ed Silverman and Agnes Shanley
  • Drug Delivery: The "Great Equalizer"

    Critical to improving performance and extending patent life, drug delivery is the only area where the small often trump megapharmas

    Angelo De Palma, Ph.D., Contributing Editor
  • Visualizing the Dynamics of Fluid-Bed Dryers

    A team at the University of Saskatchewan is applying tomography to the study of fluid bed dryers in a bid to make proper operation of the equipment easier and clearer.

  • Winning the Pharma Cap Spending Game

    Pharma’s capital spending budgets are up, but the rules of the game are changing. Outsourcing will play a more prominent role than ever before.

    Agnes Shanley with Nancy Bartels, Contributor
  • Washington Letter: New Drug Pedigree Rules — A Paper Chase?

    FDA’s pedigree requirements are sparking debate among drug manufacturers. Among the sticking points: the definition of ADRs, as well as a proposal to base pedigree lists on past counterfeiting cases.

    Stephen Barlas, Washington Correspondent
  • Minimize Bisect Risk (Part 1)

    As “pill-cutting” becomes the dispensing norm, improperly designed or nonfunctional tablet bisects could pose liability issues

    Fred A. Rowley, Solid Dosage Training, Inc.
  • Nicholas Piramal's World View

    Dr. Swati Piramal has put one of India’s leading drug companies, and a family business, on a global stage

    Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief
  • The Art of Firing People

    In this excerpt (Chapter Three) from Peter Rost's book, "The Whistleblower – Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman," Dr. Rost describes training that he and other Pharmacia executives received on how to fire employees, following Pfizer's acquisition of the company.

    Peter Rost, M.D.
  • From the Editor: Only Connect!

    Quality by Design cuts across job functions and requires a vision of the “big picture.” This requires connecting data, concepts and people. Is your organization doing this?

  • What's In a Color? One Form of I.D.

    Pearlescent pigments, now approved by the FDA, may add another level of product differentiation, potentially protecting the consumer and establishing a stronger brand identity.

    Ed Silverman, Contributing Editor
  • The Light Has Come to Me, Track 1

    This opening track from a CD commissioned by the Piramals to accompany their book, The Light Has Come to Me, includes a narrative from the Bhagavad Gita, and music composed by Sharangg Pandit.

    Swati and Ajay Piramal
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