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  • Should RFID Certification Be Your Next Career Move?

    There’s a dearth of systems integrators and other workers skilled in the ways of RFID; a new certification program will address that need, and could provide a much-needed career boost to those who take part.

    Paul Thomas, Managing Editor
  • From the Editor: Lessons from Shingo

    Our survey on pharmaceutical operational excellence suggests that many drug companies still fail to take seriously two fundamental principles of manufacturing.

  • The Needle Gets Another Shot

    Manufacturers are ramping up liquid and lyophilization capabilities and adding specialized services.

  • Separations Anxieties

    Separations expert Tom Jupille assesses the evolutionary, revolutionary and mundane of today’s chromatography, for the QC lab and beyond.

  • What's New on Our Weblog

    A recap of ISPE Orlando; pricing controls and political change; AstraZeneca's Tony Zook and Mylan Labs CEO interviews; performance and peer review: what do they really mean?

  • Benchmark Your Automation and Control Programs and are co-hosting a benchmarking survey on process control in the pharmaceutical industry. Participate in our survey to help answer these questions for yourself and your colleagues: What control and automation issues are keeping you up at night? Are they the same as those perplexing your competitors? How effectively are drug makers using PAT and harnessing the process automation tools now available to them? Ten respondents chosen at random will receive $100 American Express gift cards, so reply today!

  • How Well Do You Know FDA? Take Our Regulatory History Quiz

    Keith Webber, FDA deputy director for the Office of Pharmaceutical Science, spoke at the recent BIO 2006 show in Chicago, and provided an extensive history of biologics regulation. The following quiz is based upon the information that Webber presented.

  • Report from BIO 2006

    This article, adapted from our "On Pharma" weblog, summarizes a number of the key pharmaceutical-related presentations from the BIO 2006 show, which was in Chicago from April 9 through 12.

  • Reliance's Biotech Plant on the Fast Track

    To take a giant step forward in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, the Mumbai-based company is relying on modular construction and a stem-to-stern automation package from Emerson.

    Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief
  • Can E-Pedigrees Get Some Love?

    New, tougher laws are imminent, but few manufacturers fully understand electronic pedigrees, much less appreciate the benefits that chain-of-custody data may provide.

  • AIM RFID Experts Refute RFID Virus Claims

    Dutch researchers recently caused a fury within RFID circles by suggesting chips were vulnerable to software viruses that could compromise the integrity of supply chains everywhere. Hogwash, argues AIMGlobal, which challenges the researchers point by point.

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