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  • It's Time for Open RFID

    The software industry had Linux. What will RFID users have to open up their systems? It's time to put enabling technology in the hands of the masses, says RFID Alliance Lab's Daniel Deavours.

  • Decoding FDA&rsquo;s Bar Code Rule

    What packaging levels does the rule apply to? Should different coding be used for product and packaging? Bert Moore of AIM Global clears up the confusion.

  • Kaiser Poll Shows Public Distrust of Drug Makers

    The Kaiser Family Foundation recently polled 1,200 people regarding their views on drugs and the pharmaceutical industry, and the data revealed a fair amount of negativity toward drug manufacturers.

  • Generics Get Vocal, Blast the Brands

    The Generic Pharmaceutical Association's recent annual meeting served as a high-profile forum for several items on the group's agenda, including its ongoing assault on brand-name pharmaceuticals.

  • Three Job Tips for a Rainy Day

    AstraZeneca recruiting director Jeff Harvey and recruiter Tom Bramswig offer tips for keeping your skills sharp and being ready just in case any layoffs are announced at your company.

    Jeff Harvey, AstraZeneca, and Tom Bramswig, Pharmaceutical Careers, Inc.
  • Drug Industry Doubled January Layoffs

    Pfizer, Wyeth and Glaxo all announced major layoffs in January, according to a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. offers that article and the actual data from Challenger, Gray & Christmas on which the article was based.

  • Bayer Warms Up to Cold Chain Supply

    Careful validation and quality assurance work, and close collaboration with vendors, was a “win-win” for all who helped develop Bayer Biological Products’ cold chain solutions.

  • Demystifying Multivariate Analysis

    In order to identify sources of process variability, you need to be able to integrate information ranging from raw material and intermediate measurements to processing and environmental data. Multivariate analysis techniques such as principle component analysis (PCA) and partial least squares (PLS) can be highly effective. Chris McCready, an engineering specialist with the software firm UMetrics, shows how MVA methods can be applied to improve your process IQ.

  • J&J Looks at Stable Isotopes for Process Analysis

    Stable isotopic analysis is already being used in pharmaceutical and raw material authentication, but spectrometry based on the technique promises to become a useful PAT tool. In this exclusive interview, John Jasper, CSO of Molecular Isotope Technologies, discusses the technology with Managing Editor Paul Thomas. (An article in April’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing will discuss work under way at Johnson & Johnson.)

  • Rick Cooley Puts PAT in Perspective

    A pioneer offers his perspectives on PAT and where it’s heading and reminisces about his 23+ years leading Eli Lilly’s process analytics program. His advice: Remember that PAT won’t magically lead to headcount reduction; it isn’t always easy to do, and you can (and should) start small! Before starting a new position as North American manager of process analytics with the chromatography vendor Dionex, he shared his views with Editor in Chief Agnes Shanley.

  • Pfizer Goes On the Offensive

    Even before Peter Rost testified in favor of reimportation before a Senate committee, Pfizer SVP Chuck Hardwick had fired off this letter to Senate Committee Chairman Enzi, arguing that reimportation endangers the U.S. drug supply and the public.

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