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  • Focusing Its Customer’s Customer Focus

    West Pharmaceutical’s Graham Reynolds knows that better patient outcomes have everything to do with better drug delivery

    Steven E. Kuehn, Editor in Chief
  • CMOs: Pharma's Heavy Lifters

    When it comes to drug development and commercialization, Contract Pharma is bringing the brains and the brawn to do Pharma’s heavy lifting

    Steve Kuehn, Editor in Chief
  • Get Closer

    Contract Pharma wants to build better drugs through better relationships

    Steven E. Kuehn, Editor in Chief
  • Value Delivery’s Next Chapter

    Enabling pharmaceutical manufacturing process robustness

    Kangyi Mao, Phil Berk, Frank Cordes and Gideon Walter, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Trends Impacting Pharma Equipment

    Emphasis is now placed on the deployment of equipment and technologies that enable higher production yields and more rapid scale-up/commercialization

    Nigel Walker, managing director, That’s Nice LLC
  • PDA Annual Meeting Makes Magic

    Chad Juros inspired the crowd with his story and his magic, but closed his talk by saying, "The true magicians in this world are those who are bringing these miracle treatments and services that saved my life."

    Karen Langhauser, Digital Content Manager
  • Ascent of the Robots

    Advancing aseptic processing through the use of robot technology

    Steven Kuehn, Editor in Chief
  • Bringing Mobility into IT Strategy

    Flexibility of operations and performance agility add new dimension to Pharma IT strategy

    Chetan Pathak, corporate operations director, Tectura India
  • No Man’s Land

    Humans invading your sterile processes? Advances in aseptic processing technologies aim to keep their risk and contamination at bay.

    Steven E. Kuehn, Editor in Chief
  • Building Drug Better Submissions

    Regulatory submissions are often managed using default email and fileshare tools, but a purpose-built solution provides advantages over this traditional approach

    Steve Scribner, principal consultant, EMC Corp.
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