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  • No Easy Answers for Drug Pricing

    Improving manufacturing efficiencies offers most concrete possibilities for cost reduction

    Jerry Martin, pharmaceutical and life sciences consultant, PMMI
  • The Evolving Biopharma Contract-Manufacturing Market

    Once biopharma companies optimize operations in order to free up hidden capacity, they have four options: build, acquire, partner or face the realities of outsourcing

    Andrea Gennari, Martin Loesch, Alberto Santagostino and Ralf Otto, McKinsey & Co.
  • Inking the Deal

    Mastering the art of lasting outsourcing relationships in the pharmaceutical industry

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • FDA Gathers Faster Drug Data

    FDA implements initiatives to speed drug approvals, labeling changes and delivery

    Katie Weiler, Managing Editor
  • The Art of the Request for Proposals

    A well-written RFP and effectively managed process is well worth the upfront time and effort

    Ron Herman, Senior Partner, NexGen Consulting Group, LLC
  • GDUFA, Take II

    GDUFA’s second iteration emerges from backlogs and negotiations, promising speed, clarity and transparency

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • 5 Strategies for Generic Supply Chains

    What leading companies are doing to drive holistic improvements across their complex supply chains

    Andrew Gonce, Xin Huang, Jordan Levine and Martin Lösch, McKinsey & Company
  • The Digital Game-Changer

    For pharma operations, the question isn’t “When to go digital?” It’s “How fast can we get there?”

    Dr. Marcus Ehrhardt, Partner, PWC’S STRATEGY&
  • The Rise of Biosimilars

    North America and Europe will dominate the global biosimilars market as demand rises for these products

    Nigel Walker, Managing Director, That’s Nice / Nice Insight
  • Validation & Qualification in Pharma Facilities

    Validation, calibration and qualification are extremely critical in pharmaceutical processes. Understanding them is necessary in order to meet cGMP guidelines.

    Edward Simpson, Calibration and Technical Engineer, RS Calibration
  • Pros and Cons of Biosimilars

    There are a number of points of view and opinions on how good or necessary biosimilars actually are

    Emil W. Ciurczak, Contributing Editor
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