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  • Pound and Penny Wise

    With capital spending on the rise, readers prioritize innovation geared toward increasing speed and efficiency

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Planting the Seed for Speed

    iBio’s commercial-scale biotherapeutics manufacturing facility built speed and flexibility into every step – from initial design and construction to daily operations

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Staying Ahead of New Statutes

    Impending serialization regulations are driving trends in pharma

    Sean M. Riley, Editorial Director, PMMI
  • Tech Takes a Back Seat

    Defining innovation with technology slows, as results-driven solutions take the industrial wheel

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Holding the Diagnostic Mirror

    Only those pharma companies with enough courage and imagination to learn and apply lessons from other industry leaders can hope to break from the pack

    Thibaut Dedeurwaerder and Jonathan Tilley, McKinsey & Company
  • Supply Chains: Beyond Collaboration

    What we are seeing now is something beyond collaboration; it’s the idea of federated networks

    Rob Handfield, Ph.D., Director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative
  • A Look Back at Packaging

    Packaging does much more than serve as a place for the label

    Emil W. Ciurczak, Contributing Editor
  • Be All You Can Be, Daily

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing editors are proud to announce the launch of our newest eNewsletter, Daily Dose

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Pharma’s Role in Pediatric Medication Adherence

    The pharmaceutical industry is well positioned to improve adherence by focusing on formulations, simplified dosing regimens and packaging improvements.

    Emilie Branch, Scientific Content Manager, That’s Nice/Nice Insight
  • Q&A: Pharma's Evolving Packaging Systems

    With Pharma EXPO just two months away, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing discusses the challenges of today's quickly changing packaging systems with Jerry Martin, pharmaceutical and life sciences consultant to PMMI, The Association of Packaging and Processing Technologies.

  • Lean and Mean: How Does Your Supply Chain Shape Up?

    Up to half the cost of many supply chains lurks ignored and unmanaged; much of that cost can be eliminated by applying lean manufacturing techniques.

    Knut Alicke and Martin Lösch, McKinsey & Company
  • Innovation in Quality Metrics

    The FDA is collaborating with industry to develop a groundbreaking new set of state-of-quality metrics

    Dr. Prabir Basu, Pharma Manufacturing, OPEX and cGMP Consultant; Dr. Nuala Calnan, Pharmaceutical Science & Regulatory Team at DIT, Ireland; Dr. Thomas Friedli, Professor, Institute of Technology Management, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland
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