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  • Mind Over Metal: Master Impurities

    Metal detectors and x-ray machines are vying for space on the manufacturing line, though both figure to retain key niches.

    Paul Thomas, Managing Editor
  • Liquid Mixing: Solid Challenges

    For consistency and success, there’s no substitute for experience and power.

    Angelo De Palma, Ph.D., Contributing Editor
  • Less is More in API Process Development

    API manufacturers in India and China have grasped the need for simplicity, while U.S. process chemists continue along their costly and complex path. Girish Malhotra shares recommendations for improved API process development.

    Girish Malhotra, President, EPCOT International, Inc.
  • Smarter than “Smart Labels”?

    A Flexible and Cost-Effective Alternative for Slap-and-Ship RFID

    Giles Manias, vice president, Paragon Data Systems
  • Where Are the Academics?

    Outside of M.I.T., academia hasn’t really been invited to the RFID party. Industry needs their objectivity, says Daniel Deavours, head of the RFID Alliance Lab at the University of Kansas.

    Daniel Deavours, RFID Alliance Lab, University of Kansas
  • Best Practices in RFID: Lessons from 1400 Case Studies

    IDTechEx, the U.K.-based consultancy specializing in smart labels and smart packaging, has compiled more than 1,400 case studies of RFID implementations worldwide. Here’s a rundown of key lessons learned.

  • Sound Off

    Sound Off is's blog, written by industry insiders and our editors. This Web log examines the industry and its manufacturing facilities to launch frank discussion of key issues that affect everyone in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    industry insiders and's editors
  • Using Open Control to Optimize WFI

    Sanofi-Aventis used S88 and a distributed HMI to automate Water for Injection, boosting efficiency and compliance.

    Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief
  • S88 Redefines Clean in Place Operations

    Class-based programming simplifies design, testing and validation of reusable modules, such as those found in CIP processes.

    Christie Deitz and Dan Lorenzo, Senior Principal Engineers, Emerson Process Management, and Sean Stephan, Senior Automation Engineer, Biogen Idec
  • The Desired State: PAT and the Road to Enlightenment

    By focusing on the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, ASTM standards for process analytical technology (PAT) promise to bring engineering rigor and proactive decisionmaking to pharmaceutical quality.

    Ajaz S. Hussain, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Office of Pharmaceutical Science, CDER, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
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