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  • Safety Guides New Syringe Designs

    Global efforts driving safer syringes for developing nations are spurring interest in new single-use, auto-disable syringes. Parenterals manufacturers should be prepared and evaluate the new designs with new products.

    Don Gerson, President, Axenic, Inc.
  • Use Trade Shows to Leverage Your Career

    Going to Interphex or another industry show? Don't just attend -- work it to your advantage. Here are all the tips you need, as well as a trade show checklist, courtesy of our resident career expert JoAnn Hines.

  • Pharma Team Leaders Speak Out

    What makes team leaders proud? What keeps them awake at night? Our exclusive survey reflects cost, quality, and morale improvements, and SOP, documentation concerns.

  • From the Editor: Blasting Down the Barriers

    Teams may be a new concept for pharma, but they’re already transforming its “silo” culture. 2005 Team of the Year finalists offer a glimpse into the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief
  • Novartis: Suffern Plant Becomes a Global Role Model

    Cross-functional product-centered teams and a culture of empowerment should help the facility double output next year, when it starts to manufacture a new drug for the World Health Organization.

  • AstraZeneca Opens Up on PAT

    Ziggy Waraszkiewicz, one of AstraZeneca's key PAT stewards, gave the "industry perspective" on PAT implementation and exploitation at the recent Pittcon show. He and his colleague Nils-Erik Andersson share their views.

  • Moving Toward a Proactive Decision System

    In his plenary speech at IFPAC 2005, FDA's Ajaz Hussain mapped out a "proactive journey" to pharmaceutical quality, based on PAT, science of design, and quality systems. Begin your journey now.

  • PAT for Biopharma Slow to Take

    Weak FDA support and a dearth of adequate sensor technology are holding back adoption of PAT in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, says Xcellerex President Galliher.

  • Medical Imaging Monitors Pharmaceutical Process Health

    Tomography is widely used in medical imaging, but also is becoming a useful PAT tool for process development and optimization. In this article, Ken Primrose, principal of Industrial Tomography Systems, discusses electrical resistance tomography (ERT) and its implications for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • Senator Grills Rost on Importation

    Last month, we published Dr. Peter Rost’s February 16 testimony before Congress. But Rost didn't just speak and run; he had to face some tough questions from Senator Michael Enzi. Read the full Q&A exchange below.

  • Insulin: Beyond the Injection?

    With the number of diabetes patients steadily rising, several companies are in hot pursuit of alternative delivery methods.

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