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  • Making the Most of Drug Development Data

    Improving time to market requires finding — and sharing — the right information at the right time. A benchmarking survey reveals that pharma and biopharma still have a long way to go.

    Ken Morris, Ph.D., associate head of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Purdue University, with Sam Venugopal, director, Life Science Business Operations, Conformia Software, Inc. and Michael Eckstut, vice president, Life Science Operations, Conformia Soft
  • Lobbying for Manufacturing Science

    The National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Education’s goal is to obtain funding for research that may, ultimately, lower drug development and manufacturing costs.

  • IR for the Masses

    Algorithms are making more applications, particularly in NIR, easier for non-spectroscopists to use; PerkinElmer’s Sharon Williams shares insights.

  • “Interesting Times” Ahead at IFPAC 2006

    Too many sessions, too little time! You’ll have to clone yourself to take in all the sessions in this year’s varied program; plan now to make the most of the show. Get your poster in by December 20.

  • Encapsulating Success

    High Point, N.C.-based Banner Pharmacaps is pushing the encapsulation envelope with veggie-based and anti-counterfeiting products, but manufacturing challenges abound, explains Aqeel Fatmi, Ph.D., global VP of R&D, in this exclusive Q&A.

    Paul Thomas, Managing Editor
  • GSK’s Pulman: The Manufacturing Era Has Begun

    ISPE's keynote speaker issued both a cheer and a challenge when he told conference attendees, “We in manufacturing have been the second-class citizens. Our time has come.”

  • Therapeutic Dose: Carolina Dreaming

    As evidenced by the proliferation of pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing facilities in Research Triangle Park and the Piedmont Triad, people go where the science and opportunity are.

  • Putting Nicotinic Compounds to Good Use along Tobacco Road

    R.J. Reynolds’ spinoff Targacept is the leader in using nicotinic compounds for therapeutic benefit. Bill Caldwell, VP of drug discovery and development, tells why and shares tech transfer secrets in this exclusive audio interview.

    Paul Thomas, Managing Editor
  • AstraZeneca’s Culture of Empowerment

    Cross-functional teams are achieving the remarkable at Astra-Zeneca’s sites in Newark, Del.; Westborough, Mass.; and elsewhere.

    Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief
  • Project Management: Know When to Use SOPs, and When Not To

    There is a time and place for standard operating procedures in pharmaceutical projects, but good project management includes knowing when SOPs might do more harm than good.

    Fernando Portes, Principal Project Manager, Best Project Management
  • Taking Drug Packaging to an Art Form

    Why is a new prescription pill bottle on exhibit in a New York gallery? Retailers like Target think it’s the next big thing in drug packaging.

  • If You Blow the Whistle, Are You Protected?

    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has added a wrinkle to whistleblower protections first outlined in 1989. This exhaustive research by Harvard third-year law student John Rouse outlines protections for FDA and private-sector pharmaceutical employees, with a special look at the implications of Dr. David Graham’s criticism of FDA’s oversight of Vioxx.

    John Rouse
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