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  • Medical Imaging Monitors Pharmaceutical Process Health

    Tomography is widely used in medical imaging, but also is becoming a useful PAT tool for process development and optimization. In this article, Ken Primrose, principal of Industrial Tomography Systems, discusses electrical resistance tomography (ERT) and its implications for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • Senator Grills Rost on Importation

    Last month, we published Dr. Peter Rost’s February 16 testimony before Congress. But Rost didn't just speak and run; he had to face some tough questions from Senator Michael Enzi. Read the full Q&A exchange below.

  • Insulin: Beyond the Injection?

    With the number of diabetes patients steadily rising, several companies are in hot pursuit of alternative delivery methods.

  • Assure Batch Uniformity for Freeze-Dried Products

    Success requires precise control of process conditions, extensive equipment testing, and analysis of bulk solution, dry and reconstituted product; surrogates can be used for some tests.

  • Drug Counterfeiting Worsening Globally, Study Says

    This article from PLoS Medicine (April 2005) notes that up to 15% of all sold drugs are fake. The authors suggest that the reluctance of drug companies and governments to publicize this problem, and the subsequent lack of public health warnings, is harming patients and the long-term interests of the legitimate pharmaceutical industry.

  • Merck, Lilly Recalls Test RFID During Pilot

    A study involving Merck, Novartis, Schering, and Solvay found that RFID and trace and track work very well-two real-life drug recalls during the test showed just how effective the technology can be.

  • Has Wal-Mart Gone Soft?

    In a recent talk, Wal-Mart’s manager of RFID strategies sounded upbeat about his firm’s progress in end-to-end RFID shipping. But the retail giant’s not as far along as people think, says ARC Advisory Group’s Steve Banker.

  • Product Safety Risk Still Overlooked

    Government and industry have failed to confront this white elephant jointly. Concerted efforts, focused on risk, will be essential, asserts Carl Nielsen, FDA's former director of Import Operations and Policy, in this exclusive commentary.

  • It's Time for Open RFID

    The software industry had Linux. What will RFID users have to open up their systems? It's time to put enabling technology in the hands of the masses, says RFID Alliance Lab's Daniel Deavours.

  • Decoding FDA&rsquo;s Bar Code Rule

    What packaging levels does the rule apply to? Should different coding be used for product and packaging? Bert Moore of AIM Global clears up the confusion.

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